1. Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

    The United States is great in that our judicial system promotes the idea that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. However, through cracks in the courtroom, guilt isn’t always proven. We’re told to assign guilt only if that guilt is apparent “beyond a shadow of a doubt.” And that shouldn’t be a phrase that’s open to interpretation or compromise. It ought to be black and white…Read More

  2. Forming Trust With a Criminal Defender

    Lawyers' duties extend beyond the courtroom. Defense attorneys, for example, aid clients from the day they’re hired. They void warrants, ensure proper protection from abusive police questioning, and they can attempt to have a criminal case thrown out altogether. Protection from a defense lawyer begins immediately. That’s a formula that works - because a lawyer must earn a client’s trust in o…Read More

  3. The Penalties Associated With DUIs in California

    The severity of penalization for DUIs varies on a case by case basis, but there are general guidelines that help one estimate the penalties of a DUI conviction. Obviously, a DUI lawyer is most likely to help you get a reduction on a sentencing, and it's your best chance at having a case dropped or thrown out. Let’s look at the penalties you will likely incur if you are convicted of a DUI. A conv…Read More

  4. Why You Should Rethink Representing Yourself in Court

    It is an option to represent yourself in court. But it’s largely not recommended. Let’s look into a few reasons why criminally accused defendants are recommended to receive representation... Criminal defendants are not educated or experienced in the practice of law It may sound harsh, but the legal system is complicated, and the court process is complex. A defendant uneducated in law practice …Read More