You Found It!

A great legal representative, due dillagence, and good faith established within the legal community and court it gives her a great opportunity to help you in your case. I was facing a violation of felony probation for a new felony charge and according to the DA two prior strikes; which could have turned out very bad for me – even up to a life sentance. Amber Bellante was able to prove legal presidence did not exist, winning the argument against the DA, that my case was not strikeable. By winning that argument it took the case out of the DA’s hands and placing it into the courts hands. Amber was able to work with the Judge and the DA in conference to resolve the recommended sentencing to a extremely reduced sentence from a felony charge and two years and prison too a misdemeanor and prop-36 class. So I did not have to serve time in jail or prison. My first offer was two years in prison, then one year in jail with a felony. Now sentenced, no prison, no jail, or no new felony. I now have my freedom and a future because of Amber.