"Amber Bellante for Marille Lopez Case Dismissed"

I as a client, I recommend her because she is discerning And personable. Case was won and dismissed. She is without a doubt determined, consistent, and proven to follow through.

- Marilee

"Amber Bellante is an Excellent Attorney"

I want to thank Amber for being so diligent in my case. She was able to negotiate a dismissal in my case without me ever going to court. I was living in San Diego and my case was in Placer County. I had issues due to an accident and she was diligent in getting papers to me for signature and explaining everything. Thank you Amber for getting my case dismissed! If I was still trying to jump through hoops for the courts I’d be miserable!!!

- James

"Amazing Results"

Last August I was going through a background investigation by the Department of Justice to work for Del Campo High School as a strength and conditioning coach. I had the rug pulled out from underneath me when I was told that my clearance was put on hold due to a 25,000 dollar warrant out of Placer County. My experience in the past was horrible with public defender’s, especially in Placer County. At this point the only thing I could do was contact some attorneys that I knew and was referred by the top personal injury law firm in Sacramento to contact Amber Bellante for my cases. After the first phone call I was surprised that she answered the phone directly(which was helpful) and was very confident in Placer due to her experience. She met me at my first court date were we formulated a game plan. I will admit there was some evidence that I could not get around but she still persisted to gather what was necessary to go for strong motion to dismiss. She submitted the motion and caught the DA off guard who had to reschedule our next court date to figure out what, if anything, he was going to do. We showed up to the next court date with him dismissing all charges and the protection order. I would highly recommend Amber to anybody for there legal needs.

- Domestic Violence Client

"3rd DUI/Accident"

I recently hired Amber to represent me on a 3rd dui charge that also included a single car rollover. She also handled the hearing with the dmv about the license restriction. Amber was there every step of the way and was able to get my charge reduced to a wet reckless as well as cutting the sentence in half and the fine in half as well. The sentence was lowered to only a 9 month dui program and 1 year with a breathalyzer in my car and a minimal fine. Amber was more than helpful with everything that needed to be done even after the case was closed. I would highly recommend hiring Amber Bellante for your legal needs.

- Scott

"I Highly Recommend Amber Bellante for DUI Cases"

Amber was great, this was not my first dui and although some penalties couldn’t be avoided she made the experience acceptable, I was able to open my new business and stay in my daughters life and she saved me from my license being revoked which was amazing because the dea was attempting to ruin my life and not factor in my good behavior they are becoming very vindictive towards people who make mistakes but amber showed compassion and her price was more than reasonable I highly recommend her

- Jon Epling

"I Can Breath Again"

Amber Bellante came highly recommended by a friend of mine who had a similar situation. In our first meet she informed me of several possible outcomes and what my chances were of getting these outcomes. She was very hopeful in my case. She took care of all the loose ends that I was unaware of as well as kept me in the loop on what was going on in my case. Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. My hopes in hiring her were to help me understand the legal process after getting a DUI as well as lesson my final court and dmv fees. She did that plus more. I ended up with a wet and reckless and she was able to get my license back. Yeah, I owed money, but not nearly as much as I thought I would. She did what I asked, plus more. I highly recommend her for any of your legal needs.

- Sean

"DMV Case to Reinstate My Driving Privilege"

Not intimidating, Knowledgeable , good listener and speak normal language not legal language.

I hired her through ARAG and her presence in my DMV case to get my driving privilege in first trial with no cost from my pocket. Since she has good listening skills, I highly recommend to all, especially who don’t have California accent, so that you don’t have to repeat to explain your situation.

Thanks a lot for your professionalism

Harpreet Balhotra

- Harpreet

"Great Defense Lawyer"

Great defense for very reasonable fees. I had shoplifting issue and Amber did a great job to get that case dismissed. If you made mistake and do not want that mistake would affect your future, I would strongly recommend to hire Amber. Good communications, reasonable fees, great result!

- Paul

"Awesome Lawyer"

I remember prior to entering Ambers office. I was stressed out, worried and at that point didn’t trust anyone(lawyers). Second I took a seat, Amber showed her concern towards the stressful expression on my face. She told me don’t worry and she would be on top of my case and handle it to the best of her ability. When I left her office all the stress was alleviated do to Ambers assuring words and feedback towards my situation. Sure enough! Days later to my case, it turned out just as she said she would try to handle it. Thanks Amber!

- DL

"Highly Recommended"

Traffic ticket dismissed it was only through your good work and efforts that this occurred. I contacted multiple Law firms and The Law Offices of Amber Bellante was first to respond to my inquiry. Very professional and courteous service. Attorney promptly called to discuss the matter. Most importantly, she won the case. I would highly recommend the firm to potential clients with traffic cases or other legal issues.

- Pete

"Great Lawyer"

I had the unfortunate experience of being charged with assault with a deadly weapon which Amber was able to get reduced to a 2 point driving infraction. I could not have asked for a better result, Amber is not only a knowledgeable of the law she is knowledgeable of the court system which is invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a quality lawyer.

- Rob

"DUI Dismissed"

Once I retained Amber I felt the burdon lifted off of my shoulders. I blew a .09 in Placer county and after negotiation in the court room she got the DUI dismissed. I couldnt have hoped for better results. If youre in need of a lawyer Id strongly recomend her services.

- Donald

"You Found It!"

A great legal representative, due dillagence, and good faith established within the legal community and court it gives her a great opportunity to help you in your case. I was facing a violation of felony probation for a new felony charge and according to the DA two prior strikes; which could have turned out very bad for me – even up to a life sentance. Amber Bellante was able to prove legal presidence did not exist, winning the argument against the DA, that my case was not strikeable. By winning that argument it took the case out of the DA’s hands and placing it into the courts hands. Amber was able to work with the Judge and the DA in conference to resolve the recommended sentencing to a extremely reduced sentence from a felony charge and two years and prison too a misdemeanor and prop-36 class. So I did not have to serve time in jail or prison. My first offer was two years in prison, then one year in jail with a felony. Now sentenced, no prison, no jail, or no new felony. I now have my freedom and a future because of Amber.

- Robert